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Jixiang Decorating & Crafts Factory Co., Ltd. is one of the leading flexible packaging manufacturers in the east of Guangdong province, China. It has been evaluated as the high-tech enterprise of Guangdong province. The company is equipped with advanced equipments and integrated machinery. With its superb technology and modernized management model, it has long-term occupied the top position of this industry in Guangdong east area.

   Our address is: No.68 Chaoshan Road, Shantou, China. Its area is more than 80,000 square meters, and it has gained the reputation of garden-style company for its tree-lined environment.

   “Quality & innovation” has been confirmed as our business development direction started from the very beginning when Jixiang was established in 1984. The company strives to provide first class packaging products through “scientific management, strict quality control, entire participation and whole process control”. We have gained trust and reputations from our customers around the world in the competitive market through consistent innovation on conception, technology, management, product and service. Based on 20 years development, the company has gradually enlarged its production capacity up to USD 18,750,000 per year.

    Jixiang has build its factory and workshop according to the standards of packaging & printing industry since it has been monitoring the developing trend of international packaging industry, and importing the advanced technique and equipments from the company was established. It is equipped with international advanced production lines, comprised of Printing Press Machines (printing up to 11 colors), Dry Laminators, Extrusion Laminators, Slitters, Bag Making Machines. Accordingly, it can produce the high quality packaging to meet customer’s demands. The built workshop is very clean and with many advanced equipments, up to GMP standard of flexible food and pharmaceutical packaging. Annual production capacity for laminated flexible products is up to 5000 tons. Our main products are high clarity packing film, low temperature resistant packing film, high temperature resistant packing film, fluid & liquid packaging packing film, twisting candy wrap, aluminizing and multi-layer coextruded film, high strength vacuum bag, multi-layer soft sheet and toothpaste tube, easy-to-drink beverage pouch and so on. Our products can completely present the design creative and meet the requirements of customer on quality, provide a full-range of products and service in food, milk, pharmaceutical, daily chemicals, pesticide industries.

    “Quality" is our company commitment to our valued customers. Based on our strict quality control procedures in the inspection of incoming material and throughout the production process, we have been accredited with British ISO9001 quality system certification and produced our products according to HACCP Standard. We have a full laboratory facility and experienced technical staff to accurately test and evaluate all of our products. The laboratory is equipped with the following testing instruments: Gas Permeability Measuring Instrument imported from USA, Multi-functional Tensile Strength Testing Equipment, High Temperature And High Pressure Testing Instrument etc. All the instruments are adjusted according to the regulation of country so as to ensure the accuracy of analyzing data.

    Innovation is the power for the development of our company and talents are the driving force of innovation. So we have been insisting our management concept of “people oriented” with the principle of “respecting, understanding and caring with each other”, stressing on the combination of people management, business management and mind management, improving the comprehensive competence of the employees through constant strengthening on skill training, improving the sense of company culture through activities like “ I Love Jixiang, I Love Cher Lee Long” on holidays, to fully promote the motivation and creation of our employees, and to effectively strengthen the cohesion of our company.

     Moreover, the company has a strong R&D team, with customer focused flexible packaging experts. 68 employees are engineering technicians ( 2 senior engineers, 12 engineers, ) and nearly 31% are highly skilled technicians. We continually develop new products based on marketing research feedback and direct customer requirements. The company has won 2 technological achievements from province and 2 patented products. For example, multi-layer plastics soft tube sheet to replace aluminum tube is one of the achievements. This product is with the characteristic of high in lamination strength, low in gas and water permeability, low in cost. Such a technology with innovation is leading in China.

    "Quality first, and customers uppermost" is our company value. Quality is the life of "Jixiang/ Cher Lee Long" and customer is the “God”. To provide our customer's with high quality, sophisticated, colorful wrappings and the best service is our managing principle. We know that the survival and development of our company must rely on our product quality and productivity, and we have been improving the productivity by innovated wrappings, high certification rate of product quality examination and the high efficiency of packaging machine. We have been consecutively evaluated as the AA enterprise by banking system and widely gained the trust and reputation from our customers around the world.

    Our vision is to become the leading enterprise in domestic market through realizing our customers dream and obtain mutual success with our customers while providing costive products with high quality by long term working together.

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